The Art of Peaceful Relationships

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Do you need to shift your culture, bring your leadership team to the next level, help your people better align to achieve extraordinary results? Explore what I have to offer you and your team.

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Just as a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals, my 1:1 coaching can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.


There is a mechanism we all possess that allows the central nervous system to discharge excess stress, overwhelm, and reset the body from trauma.

TRE® leads you through a series of 7 exercises to activate the natural mechanism of tremoring, found in all mammals.

This revolutionary approach to treating trauma, stress, and overwhelm requires no talking at all, and delivers remarkable results.


EQ-Dō is the Art of Peaceful Relationships. 
EQ-Dō applies the philosophy of Aikido (a martial art) to everyday interactions between people.

Participants work in partners to do activities that require light touch but are not physically challenging.

The somatic exercises Susan guides you through will allow you to feel in your body the power of conflict resolution techniques.

By experiencing these principles in a physical way, you will have direct access to buried wisdom, strength, and powerful ways of knowing that are not accessible to your ordinary, conscious mind.

AiSeiShinKan Aikido Dojo

AiSeiShinKan is a member dojo of the Aikido Association of America, located in Green Bay, WI.

AiSeiShinKan means fusing love and power to dissolve conflict.

Classes are held in the Mind-Body Studio at Western Racquet & Fitness on Ashland Ave in Ashwaubenon.

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When your thoughts and feelings are aligned, you show up with Wisdom. When your thoughts and actions are aligned, you show up with Integrity. When your actions and feelings are aligned, you show up with Courage. When all three are aligned, you show up as your most powerful and best self. This is the Way of EQ-Dō.


Sociologist and ICB certified coach.


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