EQ-DŌ is a play on words. It combines the idea of Aikido, the Japanese martial art that Susan teaches, with EQ, an abbreviation for emotional intelligence. Susan created this term when she found herself consistently using aikido metaphors in EQ coaching, and pointing out the emotional equivalents to aikido movements in the dojo. Soon she realized that combining the somatic with the emotional was a powerful way for people to learn. And EQ-DŌ, the Art of Peaceful Relationships, was born!

What is it exactly?

EQ-DŌ is a way of being... a practice that consists of principles that apply equally to martial movement on the physical plane and emotional movement on the soul plane. Practitioners of EQ-DŌ gather together in The EQ Dojo, an online community where all of us pursue this way of being together. It is free, and it is a wonderful way of connecting with like-minded people. Please join us!


I received my first EQ coaching certification in 2008. At that time I was the CEO of a non-profit with an exclusive focus on healthy partner relationships. The couples that engaged with us  were certainly able to understand the communication tools we taught. But something was missing. I realized that the barrier to their success was not found in the surface level of the issues presented, but rather in the underlying dynamics of their interaction. I shifted my focus to the study and application of emotional intelligence, knowing that this would also drive their success at life in general. In 2014 I combined my 20 years experience in for-profit business with my new found love of all things EQ as an independent coach and consultant.